What are the selection eligibility for startups?

We differentiate three main eligibility areas:

About the team:

  • The start-up is composed by a motivated team and the leadership team is already in place.
  • A dedicated team of minimum 2 persons is recommended.
  • Motivation and commitment to fully participate in the programme activities.
  • Fit with the EIT Climate-KIC programme: team will be asked to elaborate how they will engage and contribute to the Accelerator programme.
  • The team is capable of working in an English-speaking environment.

About the product:

  • The product stage is ready for demonstration, initiating PoCs/Alpha/Beta/pilot customers/paying customers.
  • A clear, scalable business idea
  • Have the potential to positively impact the environment through measurable indicators.

About the start-up:

  • Have a breakthrough project related to new technology or service with substantial climate impact for urban areas.
  • A business model is already defined.
  • The start-up has already a legal entity not older than 5 years / Your company must be incorporated before entering the programme.
  • Clear desire to globally scale the startup over the next 12 months.
  • Based in the European Union
  • Projects will have to show their potential to build new industrial value link-chains, as well as any partnership or commitment with a corporate or equivalent strategic partner.