• Clean Cities Spain ClimAccelerator
    • What is the Clean Cities Spain ClimAccelerator about?
      The Clean Cities Spain ClimAccelerator is an acceleration programme launched in 2020 with the support of the EIT Climate-KIC, with the aim of having an impact on climate change in urban areas, as well as the commercialization of clean technologies (clean tech). The programme is aimed at startups that develop solutions with special emphasis on transforming urban ecosystems so that they are climate neutral, from mobility to waste, energy or health. There are already more than 70 startups from more than 15 different countries that are members of the Clean Cities community.
    • Who is behind this programme?
      The accelerator is run by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and supported by EIT Climate KIC. UPM is an institution specialized in high added value in the research and academic field, as well as services for entrepreneurs. This Spanish university is well connected with all relevant agents from the ecosystem. The cities and other partners involved bring in their respectives portfolios.
    • Which activities are considered during the programme?
      During the 4th edition, this programe will be mainly customisez to the startups needs. However, these in-kind services could be: 
      • Global network of investors, corporations and public institutions. 
      • Training sessions with international speakers specialized in the area of business and sustainability. 
      • EIT Climate-LKIC ecosystem and community to promote the startup. 
      • International entrepreneurship events. 
      • Tool for assessing the environmental impact of technologies developed by startups. 
      • Visibility, marketing and individualized communications actions. 
      Note* International event on entrepreneurship will be held in person in Madrid from 5 to 7th of June in Madrid.
    • How long is the programme?
      The programme consists of two fixed term phases, after which you leave the programme and become alumni. This 2024 edition is expected to have a total length of 10 months.
  • EIT Climate-KIC
    • What is EIT Climate-KIC?
      EIT Climate-KIC is a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC), working to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon, climate-resilient society. Supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, they identify and support innovation that helps society mitigate and adapt to climate change. They bring together partners in the worlds of business, academia, and the public and non-profit sectors to create networks of expertise, through which innovative products, services and systems can be developed, brought to market and scaled-up for impact.
    • What are Healthy, Clean Cities?
      Cities face an enormous challenge in becoming resilient, healthy places to live while reaching net-zero-emissions in just a few short years. EIT Climate-KIC is working with 15 of the most ambitious mayors, municipalities and city communities in Europe to design portfolios of joined-up innovations capable of unlocking wholesale transformation across all city systems – from mobility to waste, from energy to health, and the built environment. The first cohort of partners includes Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Kraków, Križevci, Leuven, Madrid, Malmö, Maribor, Milan, Niš, Orléans, Sarajevo, Skopje and Vienna. Read more here.
  • Open Call
    • Who can apply to this open call?
      Clean Cities Spain ClimAccelerator is open to SMEs (legal persons) participating on their own or SMEs in the process of incorporation (remember that if your project is selected to enter stage 1, at the end of the period the company must be legally incorporated). SMEs from all over the world may apply, but only SMEs legally established in any of the Member States of the European Union will be eligible for the Clean, Cities ClimAccelerator Non EU SMEs may apply but in case they become a beneficiary of Clean Cities ClimAccelerator they have to establish in one of the Eligible Countries (EU27). Moreover, to be eligible, your proposals have to fully comply with the eligibility criteria indicated in this website.
    • How many start-ups will be selected each year?
      Up to 15 startups will be selected to join us in this 2024 edition.
    • What type of projects is the Clean Cities ClimAccelerator looking for?
      The ideal project type would be high growth projects with an already existing market footprint and a complementary, solid and committed team. They will have to show market traction expressed in terms of users, potential customers or real clients (sales) as well as some pre-seed investment already raised from private or public investors. The ideal target projects are looking for additional support for scaling their business globally, looking to develop their business model in the next 12 months and, overall, with an important social impact. All these elements are desirable and recommended, but in any case they are mandatory. The more closely the projects match these criteria, the more likely they will be selected.
    • I am not totally sure that my startup fits in any of the topics/challenges of the acceleration programme. Can I apply in this case? What should I do?
      If in doubt, we recommend applying to the programme. Application takes some time to fill a form, but a) that is a good investment considering the benefits of being admitted to the programme and b) that is a good exercise to expose your potential and business model to an international jury of experts. In any case, we guarantee your application will go through a very thorough, professional and respectful internal evaluation process.
    • Is it important to show project maturity?
      The maturity level of the startup is considered in the selection process. This is an accelerator programme, so we believe we can better help startups that are ideally 1-2 years in the market and away from having recurring customers. We want to support startups in earlier stages, with contacts, networking, training and an approach to corporates, cities, public institutions, investors, etc.
    • Can I apply if I don't have a company?
      It would be recommended to apply as SMEs or as SMEs in the constitution process at this acceleration programme because only SMEs participating on their own are eligible to receive por services. So if the startup has been incorporated and it´s pending the registration number, you can apply as an SME. We will ask you for the documentation to prove that you are an SME. In any case, although you can apply as SME in the constitution process, if you are selected for stage 1, we will ask you to be incorporated as an SME before the end of stage 1.
    • Can one company submit two or more project ideas?
      There is no limit to the number of applications you can submit. If you are working in two or more technologies or business models, you may consider submitting an application for each one of them. Please do not forget to fit with one of the exposed verticals/challenges.
    • If I am admitted to the programme, will Clean Cities ClimAccelerator acquire any rights over my startup?
      Clean Cities Spain ClimAccelerator, their accelerator managers, public or private partners or EIT Climate-KIC as financial supporters do no not get any equity or any rights over the intellectual property of the startups in exchange of being admitted to the acceleration programme.
    • Will you protect my intellectual property?
      There is no need to because our application process does not require you to provide disclosed information or details of your proprietary technology. We will, however, ask for information that demonstrates your business progress, funding status, and market opportunity. This information is critical to help us evaluate your fit for the programme.
  • Evaluation
    • What are the selection eligibility for startups?
      We differentiate three main eligibility areas: About the team:
      • The start-up is composed by a motivated team and the leadership team is already in place.
      • A dedicated team of minimum 2 persons is recommended.
      • Motivation and commitment to fully participate in the programme activities.
      • Fit with the EIT Climate-KIC programme: team will be asked to elaborate how they will engage and contribute to the Accelerator programme.
      • The team is capable of working in an English-speaking environment.
      About the product:
      • The product stage is ready for demonstration, initiating PoCs/Alpha/Beta/pilot customers/paying customers.
      • A clear, scalable business idea
      • Have the potential to positively impact the environment through measurable indicators.
      About the start-up:
      • Have a breakthrough project related to new technology or service with substantial climate impact for urban areas.
      • A business model is already defined.
      • The start-up has already a legal entity not older than 5 years / Your company must be incorporated before entering the programme.
      • Clear desire to globally scale the startup over the next 12 months.
      • Based in the European Union
      • Projects will have to show their potential to build new industrial value link-chains, as well as any partnership or commitment with a corporate or equivalent strategic partner.
    • Does the country of origin of the startup matter in the selection process?
      No, we do not give any preference to startups from any particular country in the European Union.
    • Who will evaluate the applications?
      The pool of jury members who will evaluate the applications includes:
      • Public and private entities that are partners of this accelerator consortium.
      • Investors (including those affiliated with banks, venture capitalists, business angels, crowd-funders etc.).
      • Experts involved in the innovation ecosystem (universities, innovation hubs, etc.).
    • What are the steps in the selection process for the accelerator programme?
      Written applications are reviewed by evaluators based on a standardized set of criteria. As a first result, a pre-selected start-up will pitch in front of a dedicated selection committee. Online pitches will be reviewed by this jury (odd number of participants) and they will select the startups for entering in the accelerator programme.
    • Does Clean Cities ClimAccelerator guarantee the confidentiality of the information provided in the application process?
      We require not to submit any confidential or commercially sensitive information in the application process. In the final selection process, and in some specific cases, it may be necessary to share more information for a better understanding of the potential of a startup. In these cases, we will suggest signing a confidentiality agreement. On a different note, your personal data are protected by Clean Cities Spain ClimAccelerator Privacy Policy in compliance with the current EU legislation on personal data protection.
  • Acceleration
    • Are all activities included in the acceleration programme compulsory?
      Yes, all activities included in the acceleration programme are compulsory. You can only miss an activity as long as there is an important justification. This justification must prevent any member of the startup from attending the event/training/activity.
    • Are all start-ups/projects required to attend the training activities?
      Yes, your startup/project is unique and so are your training needs. The ClimAccelerator team will help identify your needs and those of your team, providing the necessary tools, guidance, contacts and training that will ensure the experience is of maximum benefit to your project.
    • If my startup is admitted to the acceleration programme, will I have to sign a formal agreement with EIT Climate-KIC? What is the content of that agreement?
      Yes, if your startup is admitted to the acceleration programme, you will have to sign an EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator Grant Award Letter. This document includes the details of the acceleration programme: duration, project description, authorized purposes to which costs may be allocated, grant payment periods, key deliverables, etc. Additionally, it includes terms and conditions related to reporting, intellectual property, confidentiality and data protection, branding and publicity, etc. This document will be sent only to the startups selected in each of the stages.
    • If my startup is admitted to the acceleration programme, will I be requested to move to another country?
      Due to the climate focus established in this programme, most of our activities will be run in an online format but we expect you to attend the events where we will invite you to (e.g. South Summit in Madrid and an additional event in Barcelona) - you will receive more information if you are selected.
    • Are all activities included in the acceleration process covered by the Clean Cities Spain ClimAccelerator?
      Yes, all the activities included in the acceleration programme are free of charge for selected startups. You will only have to pay travel and accommodation costs related to some in-situ events (you will be informed on time).
    • Where will the Clean Cities Spain ClimAccelerator results be published?
      The results for applicants of the Clean Cities Spain ClimAccelerator will be notified by email. A list of startups will be made available on the Clean Cities Spain ClimAccelerator call page too.
  • More
    • Can I stay in touch with Clean Cities Spain ClimAccelerator even after the programme has ended?
      Of course!!!! After the programme, you will become part of our ClimAccelerator Alumni Network and the EIT Climate-KIC Community. We will support each other with ongoing knowledge, networking, open events and info exchange. Your fellow startups and the ClimAccelerator team will remain close to you and your company. We will keep promoting your development and successes. We love keeping our alumni close and hearing from them.
    • Didn’t find the answer you were looking for?
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