12 new European start-ups selected to participate in the Clean Cities Spain ClimAccelerator programme

  • In this fourth edition, this acceleration programme highlights once again its international nature, attracting start-ups from seven European countries.
  • Nearly 50 applications were evaluated by a jury of investors and public institutions, which finally selected 12 start-ups.
  • During the next seven months, start-ups will have the opportunity to expand their network of contacts and their knowledge in the climate field, among others.

Madrid, May 30th, 2024.- After three successful editions of scaling more than 70 start-ups in the climate sector, the Clean Cities Spain ClimAccelerator, welcomes 12 new European start-ups with solutions that focus on transforming city systems to become carbon neutral. The international focus is very present in this initiative, currently having more than 15 nationalities represented among the startups that have already participated in the accelerator and those in this edition. The programme is  delivered by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and with support from Europe’s leading climate innovation agency and community EIT Climate-KIC.

Meet the 2024 cohort

Out of more than 50 applications, these start-ups stood out for their high technical maturity and their positive and environmental impact on cities:

LightMirror develops reflective panels that bring sunlight into hospitals and nursing homes, reducing the need for artificial lighting and heating, lowering costs and improving patient well-being.

Danu Robotics implements an industrial-scale robotic waste management system guided by AI to completely automate the entire waste sorting process with high precision and speed.

Agua de Sol transforms air into water using solar heat, thanks to a simple modular panel that can be installed in situations where people and organizations suffer from water shortages or poor quality.

STONE161 focuses on sustainable landscape development with nature-based designs. Following the principles of the circular economy and with a solid scientific basis, they reshape environments in a sustainable way.

Tierra presents a sustainable kilometer zero alternative for the production of vegetables and mushrooms, using intelligent and automated vertical farms, driven and optimized by proprietary software and quantum algorithms.

Folgrid revolutionizes the agrivoltaic industry with divergent lenses, maximizing land use and generating clean energy.

Fluviq minimizes the effects of drought by optimizing irrigation in parks, fields and crops. Its accessible AI solutions, powered by advanced sensors, help communities around the world save water.

Suntropy has designed an operating system for renewable energy companies, offering them a platform that spans from design and analysis to maintenance and project management.

Dedalo AI uses artificial intelligence algorithms to help digital companies monitor, reduce and communicate energy use, CO2 emissions and their environmental impact.

Carbonfields defines, builds and operates plants that transform biomass waste into bioproducts. Currently, its efforts are focused on the development of a technology for converting synthesis gas into biogas.

Echo Silence ´s technology involves advanced noise control solutions tailored for power generators, focusing on reducing low-frequency noise. It targets industries involved in the production and management of large machinery and building acoustics.

KlimaShift implements an AI-powered decarbonization platform for small businesses that helps save their energy and maintenance bills while decarbonizing their energy portfolio.

Connection with the ecosystem and investment as keys to the programme

The 2024 edition focuses on business expansion and growth of start-ups. The first phase will connect entrepreneurs with key stakeholders in the urban ecosystem while the second phase will analyse impact investment opportunities, scalability and internationalization of startups.

At the end of the programme, it is expected that start-ups will have initiated strategic conversations with key institutions and improved their knowledge in critical topics such as investment, business developmentand potential new markets and completed a climate impact hypothesis detailing the emissions mitigation potential of their products and/or services.  

About Clean Cities Spain ClimAccelerator

The Clean Cities Spain ClimAccelerator is an acceleration programme launched in 2020 with the support of the EIT Climate-KIC, with the aim of having an impact on climate change in urban areas, as well as the commercialization of clean technologies (clean tech). The programme is aimed at startups that develop solutions with special emphasis on transforming urban ecosystems so that they are climate neutral, from mobility to waste, energy or health. There are already more than 70 startups from more than 15 different countries that are members of the Clean Cities community.

About the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

The UPM is the 1st Spanish-speaking Technological University and the 55th Technological University in the world. This University is characterized by a strong commitment to the SDGs and is working to have a climate neutral campus by 2040. The Entrepreneurship unit aims to stimulate the innovation process in the technological ecosystem. To this end, it has created and developed an “open technological ecosystem” linked to the development of products/processes based on technologies, with 330 high-tech startups created and more than 250 million euros raised in recent years. Under this premise, the University develops activities that include training for entrepreneurs and the incubation and acceleration of startups.

About EIT Climate-KIC

EIT Climate-KIC is Europe’s leading climate innovation agency and community, using a systems approach to shape innovation to support cities, regions, countries and industries meet their climate ambitions. 

Together with partners across the globe, EIT Climate-KIC acts to bridge the gap between climate commitments and current reality by enabling decision-makers and investors to act. They find and implement solutions in integrated ways and mobilise finance. They build skills to accelerate learning and explore innovation, opening pathways to shift mindsets and behaviours. Through radical collaboration, EIT Climate-KIC orchestrates large-scale demonstrations that show what is possible when cycles of innovation and learning are deliberately designed to trigger exponential decarbonisation and build resilient communities.  

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